web design & development

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web design & development

Websites are a window into your business and no company can really do without a website. However their importance is often underestimated and many companies are still lagging far behind, thinking that an outdated website will do the trick. Don’t be one of them. From text, to design, to programming, to writing, to choosing pictures, every part of a website is important. 

And beyond websites is a technological world that keeps on evolving, and AnotherID is here to guide you on which technology to choose: Micro-sites, Portals, Content Management Systems (CMS), Intranets, Extranets, Transactional Platforms, E-commerce Solutions, and the list goes on. We make sure you're using the latest design and updated technology to build the web solution that best suits your needs.


Once the website is built, it’s good if it ranks well on Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns boosts your website's visibility. In other words, upon searching for services that you offer on a search engine, your company will rank between the top 10 results.

AnotherID initially makes sure (in the programming phase) that your website is optimized for search engines. We also offer to monitor your website on a certain period of time to make sure it doesn’t “die” on the internet, but stays alive and on top of search engines.


AnotherID will also keep track of your online presence, generate reports and issue recommendations to optimize your continuous online presence.